Other NSW Government Delays & Disappointments

Pathetic job relocation record – The NSW Government’s record on relocating public sector jobs to the Illawarra has been labelled pathetic after it was revealed only 38 jobs have been relocated since coming to power in March 2011. The State Government has since refused to now say how many public sector jobs have been relocated to the Illawarra.

Resources for Regions program – The NSW Government neglected to shortlist a single project from the Wollongong Local Government Area for its recent round of Resources for Regions funding, despite 5 applications being lodged. Anna also criticised the Wollongong Lord Mayor, Gordon Bradbery, for not including a single project for the Dapto and West Dapto growth areas even though Gujarat NRE operated a coal mine at Wongawilli.

Illawarra Growth Plan – The Illawarra Growth Plan is already seriously behind schedule following the delay in releasing the discussion paper last year to begin the consultation process. However, in a politically cynical move, the NSW government has also now included the Shoalhaven region in the Illawarra region as part of the Illawarra’s Growth Plan. Anna has written to the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure, Brad Hazzard MP, seeking his assurance that the last minute move to include the Shoalhaven region in the preparation of the Illawarra Growth Plan will not further delay its release.

Illawarra Regional Transport Plan – The NSW government has failed to deliver its Illawarra Regional Transport Plan ‘by the end of 2013’ as promised back in 2012. The Minister released five Regional Transport Plans in late-December, but the Illawarra region’s plan is still yet to be released.

Illawarra Infrastructure Fund – After delays to the announcement of the successful projects under the $100 million Illawarra Infrastructure Fund, the funding of the Fowlers Road extension at Dapto was welcome. Less welcome was the rejection of the application which could have provided football with a home at West Dapto. The NSW Government could have gotten a bigger bang for its buck with the proceeds from the lease of the Port of Port Kembla and the region could have benefited from more infrastructure funding than just $100 million (compared to $340 million committed to Newcastle).

New bus service delayed – A new bus service linking the growth area of Dapto to the University of Wollongong, first announced over six months ago, is still yet to be finalised – there is still no detail on the service, its proposed route, or a timetable.

Minister for the Illawarra – Anna has called on the Minister for the Illawarra to spend more time on his Illawarra ministerial duties after it was revealed John Ajaka spends only 20 per cent of his time on the region, using 80 per cent on the Disability and Ageing portfolio.