A New Standard – Cleaning Up NSW Politics

NSW deserves honest, open and accountable Government. People have a right to expect that MPs and Ministers will behave ethically and put the community’s interests ahead of their own.

To that end, the next State Labor Government will introduce A New Standard of the most stringent standards of honesty and accountability ever seen in NSW, including:

1. Your Right to Know
The public will be given unprecedented access to MP’s financial interests including their taxable income and details about the pecuniary interests belonging to spouses and other family members.

2. Inspector General for Parliamentary Standards
Labor in Government will appoint an Inspector General for Parliamentary Standards with unprecedented powers to investigate and penalise Members of Parliament who breach the Parliamentary Code or Conduct.

3. Increased Scrutiny of Mining Licences
Mining exploration licences will be scrutinised by an Independent Probity Panel and subject to approval by Cabinet.

4. Crackdown on Lobbyists – Public Diaries
Ministers will be forced to report every meeting they take with a lobbyist, MP or business relating to a commercial decision.

5. Ban Secondary Employment
Serving the people of NSW as an elected Member of Parliament is a full-time job. Labor MPs will continue to be encouraged to undertake volunteer work in their local areas and use non-sitting days to give back to their communities.

6. Toughen Whistleblower Protections
Protections for whistleblowers will be strengthened and for the first time, employees in the private sector will receive the same protection as public servants.

A New Standard


For more details, download the full New Standard policy document here.