Cost of Living

NSW is in the midst of a cost of living crisis. Prices for utilities like electricity, water and gas keep going up. Whether you pay rent or a mortgage – and use public transport or petrol – it’s getting harder and harder to make ends meet.

A liveable state is about ensuring that people enjoy a decent quality of life, regardless of income. Every family should be confident they can pay the bills and manage the essential costs of living even in times of financial hardship.

Today, the average household in NSW is paying more than $700 a year for their electricity bill than before the Liberals were elected.

Household electricity disconnections have risen by 33 per cent – that’s over 6000 additional families whose lights have been turned off.

And privatisation of the electricity network under the Liberals will just make things worse.

Labor will invest $55 million extra over the next five years to help struggling households pay their energy bills.

Labor’s funding boost to the Energy Account Payment Assistance scheme would help more than 8000 extra households get access to energy vouchers through agencies like St Vincent De Paul and the Salvation Army.

Currently, each family can only receive $480 worth of energy vouchers – not nearly enough to cover the Liberals’ price hikes.

Labor would increase the cap by more than 30 per cent – from $480 to $640 per annum, providing genuine relief for families in trouble.

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