Drink Smart, Home Safe

Labor’s policy Drink Smart, Home Safe aims to reduce the alarming incidence of alcohol-fuelled violence on Sydney’s streets – and to change our city’s excessive drinking culture.

It includes:

1. An 18 month trial of Newcastle-style restrictions in Kings Cross and Sydney CBD to combat alcohol related violence. This includes 1am lockouts, 3am last drinks and restrictions on high-alcohol content drinks after 10pm.

2. Treat every Friday and Saturday night like a major event – with better transport and a strong police presence. We will commit to introduce a late night train service from Kings Cross to Town Hall and Central Stations to help move thousands of people out of the CBD quickly and safely. Labor will also investigate introducing late night trains on other lines.

3. Establish a new independent liquor regulator which operates outside NSW Trade and Investment and is committed to minimising alcohol related harm as part of its strategic priorities.

4. Introduce Risk Based Licensing Fees to establish a license structure which will provide a clear financial incentive for both hotels and bottle shops to comply with the law and implement measures which reduce alcohol related violence.

5. Introduce Controlled Purchase Operations (undercover operations with 16 and 17 year olds) to target licencees selling alcohol to minors.

6. Mandate the collection and reporting of alcohol sales data to allow the Government to map alcohol sales by suburb to understand the true nature of alcohol related harm in NSW.

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The full policy document Drink Smart, Home Safe can be read here.