Supporting Injured Workers

Workplace injuries can happen at any time, to any person, in any industry. If someone is injured at work, they should be treated with dignity and respect. Injured workers should be given every chance to return to meaningful employment – and if they can’t, they  should be properly looked after.

But the Liberal Government has ripped away support for rehabilitation and medical treatment for every worker in NSW – medical benefits have been time limited, weekly payments reduced and claims for workers injured on the journey to or from work all but abolished.

These harsh and unnecessary laws apply across the public and private sectors – from nurses and paramedics to tradespeople and retail workers. And when an insurer disputes a claim, the onus of paying for the court case has now shifted to the person who is injured –pricing people out of the fight. The new laws even prohibit injured workers from hiring a lawyer to help them!

A Labor Government will reverse the Liberal Government’s workers’ compensation laws. Labor will also hold a genuine inquiry into workers compensation in NSW. We will restore journey claims and once again give injured workers the financial assistance they need to pay their medical bills.

We will reinstate protections for workers with total and permanent disabilities – and we will ensure that all workers injured on the job receive fair compensation. Labor will also crack down on insurance companies, to ensure better claims management and return to work outcomes.