Supporting NSW Community Language Schools

NSW Community Language Schools offer classes in 56 different languages and are open to any school-aged student from a government, Catholic or independent school. The classes are held outside normal school hours and help students learn and use their community language or learn a new language.

Parents recognise the value of encouraging our children to be multilingual – being able to think and communicate in more than one language is a powerful skill to have in an increasingly globalised world.

Community language schools are vital to our state, and ensure NSW remains a vibrant multicultural community celebrating diversity.

Labor has strongly supported Community Language Schools in the past, providing a funding increase of $60 per student during our last term in office.

To continue our support to this vital service, a Labor Government will increase funding to Community Language Schools by more than $76 per student, making it the best resourced program of its type in Australia. Labor’s commitment represents a 62 per cent increase in funding and would bring the total investment to $6.5 million a year.

Community Language Schools help students to learn their own community language, another language, or prepare for the HSC. These schools are also supported by parents and families who want to ensure that their child has an opportunity to learn their culture and language of their family.

Labor’s funding boost will help attract and retain teachers with specialist language skills to continue educating thousands of students each year – because we value the work of community language schools and the dedication of the teachers, students, parents and community.