Anna Watson has today congratulated the Berry community on the opening of the Berry Bypass as the Premier has arrived in the region for the occasion. However, this event is rubbing more salt in the wound for her constituents as it acts as another cruel reminder of the overdue Albion Park Rail Bypass.

“By the time the construction of the Albion Park Rail Bypass is finally started, this Government will have been in power for nearly a decade.

“This is a Government that appears to be putting off this project to coincide with the 2019 state election as a last minute grab for local votes, and the Premier’s visit today is conveniently timed less than two months before our region’s upcoming council elections (9 September, 2017).

“I feel for local motorists who continue to stew in traffic and experience frustrating delays along the Princes Highway in Albion Park Rail. Shellharbour has not received the same treatment and opportunities as their neighbours to the south. The NSW Government needs to stop playing politics with vital, and incredibly overdue, road infrastructure.

“The Albion Park Rail Bypass is now the undeniable missing link on the M1 corridor, and should be fast-tracked for construction.

“The Bypass isn’t the only issue within the Shellharbour electorate the Premier has stayed silent on during her visit today.

“When asked about the Government’s privatisation plans for Shellharbour Public Hospital, the Premier responded with, “We’re looking at all of our options… We’ll provide an update through the Health Minister in the near future.”

“The Shellharbour community and my constituents deserve a concrete start date for the Albion Park Rail Bypass and a guarantee that their local hospital will remain publicly owned and operated.”


18 July 2017