Member for Shellharbour, Anna Watson, is calling on the NSW Government not to cut corners in the delivery of the Albion Park Rail Bypass after revelations that costs for the project have already blown out by over $100 million before a single shovel has hit the ground.

“Local residents and motorists continue to suffer frustrating traffic congestion, while the Government has dragged the chain on this project and now we know its cost has sky-rocketed” said Ms Watson.

“With the 2017-18 Budget set to be delivered next week, the Government needs to reveal the real cost of this project and outline that it will not cut any corners in building the bypass”.

“When this announcement was first made just 12 days from polling day in 2015, I said that the $550 million budget for this project was undercooked and there was a $50 million black hole in it”.

“In a bid to cover up the $50 million black hole, the Liberal’s planned to dud Albion Park motorists by slyly scrapping the construction of two exit ramps which would have given Albion Park residents proper access from the Illawarra Highway, to the four lane bypass”.

“We can only now hope that the Government will not cut any corners and again and rip off locals just to ensure this project’s funding black hole is filled”.

“Gareth Ward has been skating on thin ice with this project ever since he announced it and the truth about the budget back hole is finally being told”, Ms Watson said.


14 June 2017