No need for Ward petition stunt. Let’s go see the Minister, Gareth!


Member for Shellharbour Anna Watson has challenged Member for Kiama Gareth Ward to put aside electioneering petition stunts and to join her in a deputation to see the Minister for Health before Christmas to get agreement for a funding upgrade of Shellharbour Hospital.

“I’ve been lobbying for an upgrade of Shellharbour Hospital for the last four years.

“The Minister already has a filing cabinet draw full of 500 letters from my constituents asking for an upgrade to the Shellharbour Hospital.

“I personally gave those letters to the Minister’s Office last year.

“We don’t need more time wasting with another Gareth Ward electioneering petition stunt.

“We can deliver an upgrade to the Shellharbour Hospital by going to see the Minister before Christmas.

“It won’t take a petition stunt, we don’t have to waste anyone else’s time.

“I’ll even offer to drive Mr Ward to the meeting with the Minister.

“I’m even happy to put in a call to the Minister’s office to arrange a meeting time.

“I’m happy to go see the Minister at any time – even over the festive holiday break.

“If Gareth Ward refuses to join me in a bipartisan effort to get an upgrade in funding for the Shellharbour Hospital by going to see the Minister, his petition can be seen for what it is – an cynical election petition stunt”, Ms Watson said.

See: Anna Watson’s Shellharbour Courier newsletters (February, April and May) and petition from 2013 & 2014

20 December 2014