Shellharbour Hospital fails to meet national target on emergency patients


Member for Shellharbour Anna Watson today said that Shellharbour Hospital was failing to meet a mandatory national target for emergency departments processing of patients within four hours.

“The State Government signed up to improving national targets for processing patients through emergency departments, which for this year, has been set at 81 per cent.

“Shellharbour Hospital does not meet this mandatory national target.

“For the period April to June 2014, the Bureau of Health Statistics (BHS) reveals that only 70 per cent of patients presenting at Shellharbour Hospital’s emergency department were processed within four hours.

“For the quarter January to March 2014, the same figures show that only 67 per cent of patients were processed through emergency within four hours.

“While this may show an improvement from last quarter to this quarter, the BHS figures also reveal that the slight improvement for this quarter is largely due to Shellharbour Hospital seeing less patients than the quarter before.

“Shellharbour Hospital’s emergency department saw 6,997 patients during January to March 2014, but saw only 6,793 patients during the same period from April to June 2014.

“I note the Minister has been crowing about the so-called improvement at Shellharbour Hospital today, but the figures indicate the improvement is only because emergency saw less patients not more.

“Someone once said something about lies, lies and statistics.

“You certainly have to be very careful with every statistic presented by the NSW Liberals because they are often extremely misleading”, Ms Watson said.

See also: Bureau of Health Statistics for Jan-March 2014 and April to June 2014 for emergency department presentations at Shellharbour Hospital

4 September 2014