Shellharbour Mayoral position should be decided by the people


Member for Shellharbour Anna Watson has again called on the State Government to amend local government legislation which would allow the people of Shellharbour City to directly elect the mayor, ahead of tonight’s mayoral vote by Shellharbour City Councillors.

Ms Watson has been a critic of the current laws which only allow the Mayor to be chosen by Shellharbour City Councillors every year.

“The NSW Liberal Party took away the people’s right to directly elect the Mayor by passing the Local Government (Shellharbour and Wollongong Elections) Act 2011.

“The NSW Liberals thought that by changing the method of electing the Mayor, it would ensure a Liberal held the position.

“The NSW Liberals tried to gerrymander the voting system to favour their own candidates.

“It’s time the new Minister for Local Government took action and amended the current law giving back to the people of Shellharbour City the right to directly elect their Mayor”, Ms Watson said.

30 September 2014