Wollongong LGA cops another kick in the guts from NSW Liberals


Member for Shellharbour, Anna Watson, this afternoon slammed the NSW Liberals for kicking the Wollongong local government area in the guts again by missing out on inclusion on the short-list for the latest round of the Resources for Regions program.

“This is just the latest kick in the guts by the State Liberal Government and yet another deplorable failure by the faceless Minister for the Illawarra to stand up for the interests of this region.

“Just three weeks ago, we were sneakily informed that the Wollongong local government area wouldn’t be included in the Regional Roads Program from the State Liberals’ proposal to flog off poles and wires.

“Just what does this faceless Minister for the Illawarra do, except take a big salary and perks?

“He certainly doesn’t bother standing up for this region or its interests in this Government”, she said.

Ms Watson also said it was about time the business community in the Illawarra started standing up for the region too.

“This business mob in the region just stands there and meekly accepts the appalling treatment from the Liberal Party.

“But it seems the NSW Liberals can do whatever they like and the region’s business leadership will just meekly offer the other cheek for another whack and stay silent”, she said.

23 September 2014