Member for Shellharbour Anna Watson has dismissed today’s State Budget as delivering bugger all for the Illawarra except bureaucrats shuffling more paper on re-announced measures from previous budgets.

“Gareth Ward MP indicated on the weekend that this budget “brings home the bacon”.

“This budget’s bacon wouldn’t fill a breakfast plate.

“There is no funding road map for the upgrade of Shellharbour Hospital.

“There is no funding road map for the Albion Park Rail Bypass.

“The State Government has been planning the upgrade of Shellharbour Hospital and Albion Park Rail Bypass for the last five years, and that’s all the Liberals are promising to keep doing over the next 12 months.

“We are not a single step closer to a start date for construction of either project.

“This region is facing a crisis in the steel industry and the risk of thousands of job losses, yet this budget delivers nothing but bureaucrats shifting paper from one side of the desk to the other for another 12 months.

“What we needed to see in this budget was the State Government bringing forward these two projects, which could inject nearly $1 billion into the regional economy.

“This budget delivers sweet bugger all to the Illawarra region.

“Instead of “bringing home the bacon”, we’re more likely to see pigs fly”, Ms Watson said.

23 June 2015