The State Government is refusing to confirm the final costs of ‘Gareth’s Gazebo’ – construction of permanent toilet facilities at the $39 million Shellharbour Junction – almost a year after officially opening the station, Member for Shellharbour, Anna Watson said today.

Ms Watson asked the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, Andrew Constance MP in a Question on Notice what the total final costs for the construction of the new toilet facilities are.

In a previous response to Ms Watson’s questions on this issue, the Minister indicated that the work involved:

the procurement of appropriate facilities, the completion of complex design considerations and the establishment of a permanent sewer connection.

“It is quite obvious that the Minister is very embarrassed that permanent toilet facilities were not included in the original construction of the station.

“The State Government is now bogged down in refusing to confirm the cost details for what is an extensive amount of work to only do what they should have done in the first place.

“The Minister is now trying to hide the total costs for ‘Gareth’s Gazebo’ in the total cost for the construction of the $39 million Shellharbour Junction Station”, she said.

Ms Watson said that the scope of the work required would mean that if the final costs were revealed by the State Government, it could show that the construction of the toilet facilities may be similar to the purchase of a new house in the Flinders or Shell Cove areas.

“The State Government is happy to tell us how much money they’ve splashed around on infrastructure projects in the Illawarra, but for some reason the Minister prefers not to reveal what the final numbers are on this project”, she said.

15 October 2015