Leaked secret Cabinet-In-Confidence papers have today confirmed that the Dapto TAFE campus will be sold off, Member for Shellharbour Anna Watson said.

“I’ve been warning the community of Dapto and West Dapto – population growth centres – for the last five years that this is what the State Government planned to do with the Dapto TAFE campus.

“The State Liberals haven’t gone about their business of gutting the campus in a sneaky, quiet manner for no reason.

“Every piece of information I’ve gathered over the 5 years on what they are ultimately planning for Dapto TAFE has had to be forced out of this Minister and the last one.

“They systematically gutted Dapto TAFE with absolutely ruthless efficiency and laughed about it.

“I can still remember the words of the Member for Kiama Gareth Ward when I told the media during the election campaign that his Government was planning to sell off Dapto TAFE.

“The Illawarra Mercury reported at the time:

Kiama MP Gareth Ward, however, laughed off the suggestion.  “This is just bordering on hysterical behaviour and proves to me that Labor will say anything to in order to intimidate people to vote for them.” (Illawarra Mercury, 6 March 2015).

“Now these leaked secret Cabinet-In-Confidence papers confirm what I’ve been saying all along.

“The State Liberals – including Mr Ward – have been lying to the Illawarra for the last 5 years about the future of Dapto TAFE”, she said.

Ms Watson said that she would continue to fight for the future of Dapto TAFE site to remain an education precinct.

Fact: Under Labor’s year in office (2010-11), 658 students and 111 staff were enrolled and worked at the Dapto Campus.

13 September 2015