Minister plays party politics with disability opening


The Minister for Disability Services, John Ajaka, has been accused of playing puerile party politics after officially opening a new group home in Dapto for people with a disability with only a Liberal candidate standing at the March election as an official guest, Member for Shellharbour, Anna Watson, said this afternoon.

“I am completely shocked that the Minister would use an official opening of a group home for people with a disability and so blatantly politicise the event.

“The Minister’s actions are a disgrace and I call on him to issue a public apology for playing party politics in this fashion”, she said.

The Minister issued a media alert and media release, which was labelled ‘embargoed until noon 3 February’, and the Liberal candidate for Shellharbour tweeted a photograph of the Minister and himself cutting a ribbon to officially open the new group home earlier today (See attached).

Ms Watson said that, despite the new group home being located in her electorate, there is no record of her office having received an invitation to attend the official opening today.

Ms Watson has been told by the event organisers, The Disability Trust, that the Liberal candidate for Shellharbour had not been invited to attend the official opening.

“There is no place for the Minister to use an official opening of a new group home for people with a disability as the launching pad for party politics on the eve of an election campaign starting.

“It is very disgracefully poor form and inexcusable.

“I call on the Minister to immediately apologise for his actions today in playing puerile party politics at an event which should be clearly above politics”, Ms Watson said.


3 February 2015