The Shellharbour Motor Registry will close leaving the residents of the Shellharbour electorate with no access to State Government services unless they travel to Warrawong or Kiama to use Service NSW centres, Member for Shellharbour Anna Watson said this afternoon.

“I am absolutely incensed by the Minister for Finance and Services announcement today.

“I have been asking him for a month about the future of the Shellharbour Motor Registry and he has refused to answer any questions I put to him.

“Today he sneaks out a press release not only confirming my concerns, but actually leaving my constituents with no access to State Government services in their own electorate.

“The people of Dapto will now be forced to travel to Warrawong (where a new Service NSW centre will open) and the people of Shellharbour will be forced to go to either Warrawong or the existing Service NSW centre in Kiama.

“This is a disgraceful way to treat the people who live in my electorate.

“The Shellharbour electorate, according to the State Government, is the new black hole for State Government service delivery.

“This is unacceptable treatment for the people in my electorate trying to access State Government services and I will not stand for it”, she said.

Ms Watson said that she will now place pressure on the Minister and demand he open a new Service NSW centre in her electorate as a matter of urgency.

“My electorate has a big lake in the middle of it so I won’t sit by and watch my local communities in Dapto and Shellharbour treated with contempt by the Minister and left with no access to State Government services.

“Corrimal gets a new centre, Warrawong gets a new centre, Kiama already has a new centre, but my electorate gets a middle-finger salute?!

“I make it clear to the Minister: not on my watch, buddy!”, Ms Watson said.

19 August 2015