The closure of the Shellharbour Motor Registry at Stocklands Shellharbour today leaves residents living in the Shellharbour electorate with no direct access to more than 800 State Government services, Member for Shellharbour, Anna Watson said today.

“The State Government has closed down the Shellharbour Motor Registry today and has not replaced it with a new Service NSW Centre.

“The State Government expects that my constituents will now travel to either Warrawong or Kiama to access basic government services, which are readily available to every other local community in the Illawarra.

“Residents in every other state electorate in the Illawarra have access to a Service NSW Centre – the only exception is the Shellharbour electorate.

“The State Government’s decision to not establish a new Service NSW Centre in the Shellharbour electorate is pathetic, especially as my electorate is the population growth area for the region.

“It is a short-sighted, spiteful decision by the Minister, who represents the Sydney North-shore and clearly doesn’t understand the extra challenges faced by regional communities to access basic government services”, she said.

Ms Watson said that she would continue to fight for a fair go for her constituents to access basic government services within the communities where they live.

“I expect nothing more or less for my constituents than is readily available for every other resident in every other Illawarra State electorate”, she said.

Ms Watson has so far gathered 300 personally signed letters to the Minister demanding the establishment of a new Service NSW Centre in the Shellharbour electorate and will table the letters in the State Parliament when it resumes in 2016.

“I will not let the Minister get away with treating my constituents like second class citizens”, she said.


26 November 2015