Two Shellharbour election candidates don’t even live in Shellharbour electorate


Member for Shellharbour Anna Watson today slammed two candidates on the Shellharbour ballot for not even bothering to actually live within the boundaries of the electorate.

“The Christian Democrats candidate lives in Kiama Downs and another candidate lives in Smithfield.

“This is just blatant, crass arrogance by the Christian Democrats and the No Land Tax Party to not even bother putting up candidates who actually live within the boundaries of Shellharbour electorate.

“This just shows absolute contempt for the people of Shellharbour electorate by these two candidates and the party they each represent”, she said.

Ms Watson said that she would not be distributing a preference for any other candidate at the March election following the draw of candidates on the ballot paper for the Shellharbour electorate this afternoon.

“In an optional preferential voting system as we have in New South Wales, the voters are always free to choose how they vote and, who, if any, candidate they may extend their next preference vote to.

“I will be asking the people of Shellharbour to consider doing one simple thing.

“Vote number 1, Anna Watson on their ballot paper on Saturday, March 28, 2015.

“If individual voters then prefer to exhaust their vote, or extending further preferences to other candidates on the ballot paper, that will be a matter for them to determine”, she said.


12 March 2015