Member for Shellharbour Anna Watson has today slammed the Member for Kiama Gareth Ward for his provocative attack on steelworkers at BlueScope Steel claiming they were responsible for the crisis in the steel industry.

“Mr Ward by making these stupid comments just proves he is nothing more than a typical Liberal Party corporate lickspittle.

“He’s never had a real job but sees fit to attack real workers fighting not only to keep their jobs but also make sacrifices to keep steel making alive in the Illawarra.

“Mr Ward never dared attack these workers before the last State election but he is big chest-thumper after it.

“Steelworkers have made enormous sacrifices over the last 31 years in the steel industry as BlueScope Steel has gone through restructure after restructure – the most recent in 2012 when 800 jobs were lost.

“I notice that BlueScope Steel CEO Paul O’Malley has nothing but praise for the workers in his industry.

“Mr Ward should stop trying to provoke a fight at a time when we should all be pulling together during this steel crisis.

“I represent hundreds of these steelworkers living in my electorate.

“They are good working people trying to make a living in a challenging industry.

“I won’t stand by and see steelworkers in the Illawarra attacked by a typical Liberal Party corporate lickspittle”, she said.

Ms Watson today moved a Notice of Motion in the State Parliament calling on the Premier to make a ministerial statement this week on the future of the steel industry in the region.

25 August 2015