Residents in Dapto and West Dapto – up to 11,000 households – will be asked to join a letter writing campaign to stop the State Government from selling off the Dapto TAFE campus, Member for Shellharbour, Anna Watson said today.

Ms Watson said that she had been overwhelmed by the number of constituents contacting her opposing the sale of the Dapto TAFE campus since it was revealed the State Government had included the site in a secret Cabinet-In-Confidence sell-off hit list.

“This really is the local community’s last opportunity to make its views known loud and clear to the Minister for Skills, John Barilaro.

“This Government will only listen if the local community tells the Minister that including Dapto TAFE on its sell-off hit list is not acceptable.

“I am encouraging every household in Dapto and West Dapto to join a letter writing campaign to save the Dapto TAFE campus.

“This area is experiencing a population explosion and it is simply illogical to knock off an education precinct so the State Government can get its greedy hands on some quick cash.

“We need to be investing in local TAFE campuses not selling them off for more housing developments”, she said.

Ms Watson said that since the sell-off hit list had been revealed, it appeared that the State Government was starting to back down.

“I’m cautiously encouraged by that but I won’t rest until Dapto TAFE campus is completely removed from the State Government’s sell-off hit list”, she said.

Ms Watson said that all 11,000 households in Dapto and West Dapto would receive a maxi-card which includes details of the State Government’s record on gutting Dapto TAFE campus.

23 September 2015