Member for Kiama Gareth Ward has been told by Member for Shellharbour Anna Watson to butt out of issues in her electorate and instead focus on reducing exploding property and theft crime rates in the Kiama LGA.

Ms Watson’s attack on Mr Ward came after he intervened on ABC Illawarra this morning with comments about the future of the Shellharbour Roads and Maritime Service (RMS) Registry.

“He provided absolutely no new information on the issue except to parrot a few Liberal Party talking points about Service NSW.

“No one is criticising Service NSW or its staff.

“What I want are answers about the future of the Shellharbour RMS Registry.

“We got nothing new from Mr Ward’s involvement on an issue affecting my constituents.

“The Minister has answers to questions about the future of the RMS registry in my electorate, not Mr Ward.

“So, I’ll continue to deal directly with the organ-grinder, not the monkey.

“The Premier has already told me that Mr Ward’s job as Parliamentary Secretary is to be a glorified letter-signer, whose only responsibility was to keep Minister’s accountable for Liberal Party election promises.

“I’ll just continue to deal with the real Ministers with the real jobs.

“I suggest Mr Ward butt out of issues affecting my electorate and instead worry about reducing the exploding property and theft crime rates in his own backyard.

“If he spent more time focusing on issues in his area, he might not have blundered into building a $39 million train station with no toilet facilities.

“Or, blown out the cost of the Berry Bypass by $70 million after promising it would only cost $510 million”, she said.


19 June 2015