Member for Shellharbour Anna Watson said today she was pleased to be part of Illawarra State MPs receiving the 15,000 strong community petition delivered today to State Parliament.

“Ryan Park MP, Noreen Hay MP and I recently met with the petition organisers at Parliament House last month.

“We have all indicated our support for the petition.

“Mandating the use of Australian produced steel in State Government funded infrastructure can, and should be, implemented.

“It is part of the 10 Point Plan to Secure Illawarra Jobs, which my Illawarra Labor Parliamentary colleagues and I announced on Friday, 4 September.

“There does appear to be some reluctance on the State Government’s part to agree to the mandated use of Australian produced steel in infrastructure projects.

“I hope that we can as Illawarra State MPs – in a bipartisan manner – convince the State Government that it should re-consider its position”, she said.

Ms Watson said that she looked forward to the petition being formally presented in the Legislative Assembly and would participate in the debate.

“I congratulate the Illawarra community for providing such strong support to the steel industry and its workers.

“It really is now up to the State and Federal Governments to outline a long-term plan to ensure the steel industry in the Illawarra survives and is made sustainable in a challenging global marketplace for steel”, she said.

17 September 2015