The State Government is keeping secret the cost of leasing new shop-front premises at Dapto aimed at replacing the Dapto TAFE campus, which has been hived off to the NSW Police Force, Member for Shellharbour, Anna Watson said today.

“The Government is insisting on hiding the costs involved in leasing a new shop front in the Dapto CBD to establish its so-called ‘interactive learning centre’.

“The Government won’t reveal the cost of leasing the new premises, or who owns the shop-front it will be leasing.

“The Government will only reveal the new lease negotiated by TAFE NSW and the owner of the new shop-front premises is for 2 years with an additional one year option.

“The Government even refuses to indicate the total amount to be paid by the NSW Police Force for the lease of the former Dapto TAFE campus over the next three years.

“Yet the Government said at the time of the lease announcement that the amount paid by the NSW Police Force would be re-directed into TAFE services and facilities in the region.

“How are we meant to track whether the Government’s assertions are true and subject to accountability if the Minister won’t tell us and hides behind so-called ‘commercial-in-confidence’ arrangements”, she said.

Ms Watson said even the Budget Papers for 2015-16 don’t provide any further details of the leasing arrangements between TAFE NSW and the NSW Police Force.

“This Government simply refuses to be accountable and open to scrutiny for the decisions it makes”, she said.

Ms Watson asked a series of Questions On Notice of the Minister for Skills, John Barilaro MP.


21 March 2016