The State Government has confirmed that the Stockland Shellharbour Service NSW digital store is only a temporary fixture and could close later this year, Member for Shellharbour Anna Watson said today.

The Government closed the Shellharbour Motor Registry Office in November last year and replaced it with a new Service NSW Centre at Warrawong.

At the same time, it established a digital store as a transitional measure at Stockland Shellharbour.

The Government has confirmed that since it started operation in November last year nearly 9,000 customers have been served at the digital store.

During the same period the new Service NSW Centre at Warrawong has served 28,000 customers.

Ms Watson said the figures provided by the Government warrant the establishment of a Service NSW Centre within the Shellharbour electorate.

“Clearly there is a mass of demand for access to Government service from people who live in the Shellharbour electorate.

“The digital store has assisted nearly 9,000 people and the Service NSW Centre at Warrawong would have a very large proportion of 28,000 customers living in my electorate.

“I’ve asked the Minister to provide me with figures for the 28,000 customers who have visited the Warrawong Service NSW for assistance based on their postcodes.

“I’m quite confident that a substantial proportion of those 28,000 customers live in my electorate, but are forced to travel to Warrawong to access basic Government services.

“Every other community in each Illawarra electorate has access to a Service NSW Centre except the people living in the Shellharbour electorate.

“I think when the lease is up at Stockland Shellharbour, the Government will close the existing temporary digital store leaving my constituents at a significant disadvantage.

“It’ll be a double blow”, she said.


24 March 2016