Parliamentary Secretary for the Illawarra and South Coast Gareth Ward has today used the floor of the Parliament to continue finger-pointing and buck-passing rather than  solving noise pollution from the M1 Motorway for hundreds of Flinders estate residents.

Mr Ward continues to assert, on behalf of the Government, that noise amelioration for Flinders estate rests with the developers and Shellharbour City Council.

I have written to all relevant parties – UrbanGrowth NSW, the Government’s own developer, and PEET Limited – as well as Shellharbour City Council since August last year trying to get to the bottom of this, and they have all provided correspondence indicating very clearly that each have complied in full with all relevant statutory and planning guidelines for provision of noise amelioration at Flinders estate.

I have provided all of this correspondence to the Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight, The Hon Duncan Gay MLC and to Mr Ward.  It appears neither has read the correspondence.

Even the Minister for Planning, The Hon Rob Stokes MP, to whom I also made representations, doesn’t agree with Mr Ward’s assertions.

The facts are that Mr Ward is only interested in playing politics, point-scoring, buck-passing and finger-pointing.

In the meantime hundreds of Flinders estate residents – many of them shift-workers and with young families – will continue having to suffer increasing noise from the M1 Motorway, while Mr Ward insists on playing petty politics.

Mr Ward ensured residents at North Kiama benefited from noise pollution protection at taxpayer’s expense.

I’m simply asking the Government to plug a 500 metre gap by building the very same noise wall.

If it’s good enough for Mr Ward’s constituents to enjoy a more peaceful life from M1 Motorway noise pollution, surely it should be the same for hundreds of Flinders residents to also do the same?

I have today provided all of the documentation tabled by Mr Ward in the Parliament to UrbanGrowth NSW (the Government’s own developer), PEET Limited and Shellharbour City Council for their review.

Mr Ward should be absolutely ashamed of himself for playing petty politics with people’s lives.

If a noise wall built a taxpayer’s expense is good enough for his constituents peace of mind, the same should apply for mine.

After all, the noise pollution is from the very same road just a few kilometres apart.


23 August 2016