The State Government is dragging the chain on providing noise relief to hundreds of Flinders residents just as it boasts about the completed construction of noise wall for North Kiama residents.

As I have said to the Minister for Roads Duncan Gay and the Parliamentary Secretary for the Illawarra and South Coast Gareth Ward, the same noise from the same road is affecting the same residents – just a few kilometres apart.

The new noise wall in Kiama is just 213 metres long and cost $1 million.

The noise wall required for Flinders residents is about 500 metres long.

The Government continues to claim noise amelioration for Flinders residents is the responsibility of the developer and Shellharbour City Council.

The developers – PEET Limited and UrbanGrowth NSW (the Government’s developer) each contradict the views of the Government.

So too does Shellharbour Council.

Even the Minister for Planning contradicts the assertion of the Road Minister and Mr Ward.

Like Mr Ward for his constituents, I have also raised this issue with the Minister in correspondence, the most recent of which was dated 22 July 2016.

I have asked the Minister for a face-to-face meeting to discuss the requirement for noise barriers.

So far, the Minister has been as quiet as a church mouse – not even responding to my request.

I again call on the Minister to do the right thing.

Stop playing petty politics.

Build this noise wall for Flinders residents as he has done for North Kiama residents.

Click here to view correspondence to/from Ms Watson regarding the Flinders noise wall.

16 August 2016