Has the Member for Kiama, Gareth Ward MP spoken to his Liberal Party colleague, former Liberal Mayor and soon-to-be-sacked Shellharbour Councillor, Councillor Kellie Marsh, about voting to support Council’s legal action in the NSW Land and Environment Court?

Has Mr Ward spoken to Councillor Marsh about leading a protest outside his office last Friday morning opposing his Government’s forced merger of Wollongong and Shellharbour City Councils?

Has Mr Ward made moves to expel Councillor Marsh from the Liberal Party following her protest outside his office last Friday?

How much is Mr Ward’s Government spending on legal representation in the NSW Land and Environment Court to defend the legal action brought on by 30 Councils across NSW opposing the 12 mergers currently before the Court?

These are key questions Mr Ward must answer today.


Comments attributable to Anna Watson MP:

“For all Gareth Ward’s criticism about Shellharbour Council’s legal action, one of his own key allies – the former Liberal Mayor, Kellie Marsh – voted unanimously with other Councillors to support it.

“The Liberal’s Kellie Marsh has been a strong, unbending advocate for Shellharbour Council to remain a stand-alone local government area since the Government announced its plans in December.

“She’s even gone so far as to publicly apologise for Mr Ward’s Government’s forced merger agenda.

“While Councillor Marsh shows some guts, Mr Ward continues to be the region’s champion flip-flopper.”


1 June 2016