I have raised the issue of the need for a permanent noise barrier to be built to alleviate the local residents of Flinders estate from increasing noise pollution from the M1 Motorway on the floor of the Legislative Assembly yesterday evening.

130 local Flinders estate residents are concerned enough about this important issue to have signed a petition, which I presented to the Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight, Duncan Gay MLC last August.

Since last August I have made representations to the Minister, the developers (UrbanGrowth NSW and PEET Limited) and Shellharbour City Council.

The developers and Council have made it clear that each have complied with the provision of noise amelioration during the development of the Flinders estate over a decade ago.

The Minister has been misled by bureaucrats into believing that noise barriers remain the responsibility of the developers and Council.

In the meantime, North Kiama residents affected by the very same noise source – the M1 Motorway – will soon benefit from the Government building a permanent noise barrier.

It begs the question: if the Government can build a permanent noise barrier to give some peace and quiet for North Kiama residents, why can it not do the same for Flinders estate residents?

I’m not asking the Government to build the Great Wall of China.

We simply need to plug a 500 metres gap.

I again have asked the Minister to meet with me as soon as possible  so we can resolve this issue on behalf of the Flinders estate residents.


5 August 2016