Today marks two years since the State Government first published its Illawarra Regional Transport Plan, and a further two months since the Minister for Transport indicated the annual update would be released, Member for Shellharbour, Anna Watson said today.

“Despite all the talk from the State Government that it would release an “annual update”, we are yet to see anything from the Minister.

“There can only be one reason for such a substantial delay in releasing an “annual update” two-years after first publishing the Illawarra Regional Transport Plan.

“The State Government must be very embarrassed that it has nothing of substance to show for all its talk and the waffle in its 46-page glossy document.

“As if delaying the release of the “annual update” to the Illawarra Regional Transport Plan is not bad enough, the Minister is now further delaying its release after claiming over two months ago that:

“…we’ll be releasing an update for the community very soon.”
(Illawarra Mercury, 7 January 2016)

“Every transport infrastructure project first published in the Illawarra Regional Transport Plan was old or a re-announced project.

“If the State Government is not ashamed or embarrassed by its record on transport in the Illawarra, why is the Minister so determined not to publicly release this ‘annual update’?” Ms Watson said.

1  March 2016