Wollongong City Council’s Lord Mayor, Councillor Gordon Bradbery OAM should reject any offer by the State Government to appoint him as the new administrator of any merged Shellharbour and Wollongong Council.

Councillor Bradbery is reported in today’s Illawarra Mercury and ABC Illawarra this morning claiming to be opposed to the State Government’s plan to abolish the democratic right of eligible residents to directly elected the mayoral position in the event it mergers the Shellharbour and Wollongong local government areas after legal proceeding in the Land and Environment Court are concluded.

However, when asked directly on ABC Illawarra this morning, Councillor Bradbery indicted he would be open to appointment as the new administrator of the merged entity by the State Government.

Councillor Bradbery cannot continue to straddle a barbed wire fence on this issue.

He must publicly reject any offer by the State Government to appoint him as administrator if he is to retain any credibility.

Comments attributable to Anna Watson MP:

“This is an extraordinary development in this whole messy, politically grubby saga.

“Councillor Bradbery cannot continue to have his cake and eat it – like a typical independent.

“He cannot on the one hand feign outrage over the abolition of the direct election of the mayoralty, while at the same time entertain the possibility of the State Government appointing him to administer any newly merged entity.

“Councillor Bradbery either stands up for local democracy or he stands in lock-step with State Government.

“My message to Councillor Bradbery is very clear: it’s time to stop straddling the barbed wire fence as he’s been doing on this forced amalgamation issue since December.

“It’s time to show some real leadership and make call.

“Councillor Bradbery has a clear choice: stand with the people and fight for their right to retain a direct say on the election of the mayoralty or sell out to become the State Government’s lap dog.”


17 May 2016